Interesting History Fact

There was once a rich businessman with a broken beloved car. Despite several attempts, he was unable to fix the engine of that car. He called several engineers but no one was able to fix it. Finally there was an old mechanic who visited him. That old guy inspected the engine and asked for a hammer. On front side of the engine, he tapped few times with his hammer and … It started Working! Next day, the mechanic sent his invoice for $1000. The businessman was shocked. He said: "This was merely a $1 job. You just tapped the engine with your hammer. What’s there for $1000 that you are asking?" The old mechanic said: "Let me give you a detailed invoice."

The Invoice read: Tapping the engine with hammer: $1 Knowing where to hit the hammer: $999 That was his experience which made him hit the right spot. Always follow the same.

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